Pintor Nicolas



Octubre 2017 - Gallerie Johanna Angouleme, France

2017 - Art Shopping, Paris April

April 2018 - Granada Art Fair with its own stand

2019 July - Madrid collective exhibition "Eka & Moor Gallery"

2019 November - Collective exhibition of open art Curat10n

8-11 November 2019,  Bordeaux International Contemporary Art Fair with Michel Menéndez Gallery

2-8 December 2019, Artbasel art weeks exhibition ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0 exhibition

5-10 December 2019 Luxembourg Contemporary Art Fair with Eka Moor Gallery

15-31 December 2019, Solo Show exhibition Madrid in “Eka & Moor Gallery

18.02-01.03.2020 art exhibition in London  at "Ufundi: Creativity + Humanity" at Shoreditch Open Art Exhibition (Curat10n)

29 February 2020 - Projection of the virtual exhibition Open Art: show at Ufundi for more than 2 weeks, with a live projection of the virtual exhibition at Espacio Gallery in London. Curat10n

21 March 2020 Pop-up prints exhibition and sale at Frequency in King's Cross, London. Curat10n

15March- 15June 2020 The Great Exhibition of the Israeli Art Market.

June-July 2020 - digital exhibition on gallery screens in Artbox projects in Zurich.

May - July 2020 - Shortlisted for Hastings Open 2020, Hastings Art Gallery and Museum, Bohemia Road UK

14.10 - 30.12.2020 exhibition in Pikassa Museum, Plaza del Mar 29602 Marbella, Malaga.

1-30 November 2020 screen show in the ARTBOX.GALLERY Zurich Switzerland

2 November 2020 - Honorable Mention Award in contest “Art in the time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing” Circle Foundation for the Arts. "Infierno" artwork

24.01- 25.02.2021 exhibition in County Council Art Museum “ House of Tejerinas“, Estepona, plaza de Flores.

02-07 may 2021 ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0. in Valid World Hall gallery (Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz 6, Barcelona)

April 2021 - winning at Mellow Art Award 2020, exhibition at Mellow Art Award online show.

1 - 31 May 2022 The great Biennale Arte di Venezia 2022 with ARTBOX in Venice. It takes place as a part of the Biennale Artbox Expo at the wonderful Tana Art Space directly in Fondamenta de la Tana ‪2109A‬, Venice